Storeforme is a brand run and managed by Spedition India Storage Service Pvt. Ltd. Spedition India Storage Service Pvt. Ltd. is fully responsible to fulfill all the services and offers which are offered by Storeforme.

Procedure for Renting Space

Upon confirmation the client needs to pay 1 Month’s rent initially + 3 Months of Total Rent for Security Deposit – details given below:

  • 1st Month’s Rent + GST (is called as “Total Rent”)
  • Security Deposit (3 Times of your Total Rent)
  • The security deposit is refundable at the end of the lease term and requires a 30-day notice in writing.
  • All the charges are per (package or agreed per unit) per month.
  • Storage charges became applicable on the date when the Service Provider accepts care, custody, and control of goods, regardless of the unloading date or the date or the date of issue of receipt.
Please Note:
  • Bookings will be confirmed once total rent & Security deposit payment is made.
  • Minimum lease period for any category is 30 days.
  • The security deposit is refundable at the end of the lease term and requires a 30-day notice in writing.
  • The lease agreement is standard, and no part of it can be changed. Final Lease Agreement document will be either mailed to you by post/courier or through email.
  • Original agreement will be signed in person.

Payment Process

We accept monthly advance payments through UPI before the starting of their monthly bill cycle to avoid penalty clauses.


You will be granted privacy while accessing your Storage room and Utility Locker. You will have one key to your locker, which can be accessed by you or your nominee, A maximum of 10 accesses are included per month.

Privacy for Box Storage

We will grant access to your boxes in a semi-private room. Prior appointment is necessary (Minimum 48 Hrs.) to arrange for keys. Removal of the content from a particular box is permitted. Addition of non-listed items is strictly not allowed.

Access and Hours of Operation

Our warehouses are open 24×7, 365 days a year, and our Head office works from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (except Saturday’s, Sunday’s & National Holidays).

What we do not Store

We do not store animals, flammables, perishable goods, car batteries, LPG Gas cylinders and anything which is not allowed by law etc.

Nominee Policy

Only one Nominee is allowed.

Security Parameters

We maintain a strict security check of your rental space. CCTV Cameras are installed through out our premises with 24 X 7 monitoring.

Additional Features

To ensure the safety and upkeep of your valuables. Pest Control is conducted once in a month at all our premises and surrounding areas.

Insurance Coverage

StoreForMe has arranged to provide complimentary insurance coverage from ………………………….. to insure incidents against Fire, Burglary, earthquake (fire and shock Clause), RSMD (Riot, Strike, Malicious Damage), STFI (Storm, tempest, Flood, Inundation).


One Month’s notice is required (30 Days), in writing, to terminate the lease agreement from the primary tenant. All keys have to be returned at the end of the contract period.

Cancellation of Booking

One Month rental is chargeable as a penalty on the cancellation of the booking.
For any clarification, call us to know more regarding terms and conditions at +91 - 96256-78673.

Miscellaneous Conditions

  1. The Customer shall provide the packing list / declaration of the goods which will be required to be stored at the property of the Service provider.
  2. The Customer shall not give/ store any goods at the property which are dangerous in nature and shall strictly indemnify the Service provider in case of any concealing the true information of nature of the goods and shall further indemnify the Service Provider if any damages suffered by the Service Provider in storing the said goods of the Customer.
  3. The Customer shall take care of the packing of the goods and Service provider shall not be responsible for any packing of the goods or how the goods are to be stored in the Property and shall only provide a limited space to store the goods of the Customer.
  4. The Customer acknowledges and confirms that it shall not store any inflammable goods in the property and shall abide by the Local laws.
  5. The Customer acknowledged and confirms that whatever it has stated in the declaration of goods shall be deemed to be correct.
  6. In case the Service provider does not receive the due rent; charges on the due date, the Goods of the Customer at the property shall be subject to lien and Service provider shall exercise Lien on the said Goods and dispose off/ sale off the goods and shall adjust the value received against the said Goods and shall proceed legally to recover the remaining due charges against the Customer.