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We understand your need for a considerable amount of storage space requirement,whether it be to start a new business or business expansion, development, and maintenance. These spaces are essential for the upkeep of machinery and materials. One may have plentiful materials, machinery, machinery parts, and accessories that are not useful in everyday life yet are significant to us. There are times when one needs to spend a lot of money on their upkeep and maintenance and they may even get spoilt unless taken care of, properly.

We at STOREFORME understand well that business extension is a high priority initiative than any other element for a business. Here we have designed and conceived the most effective option for all such needs- where you can store all your machinery, spare parts, or additional materials with complete safety & security.

Our Storage Options

Business Capacity Storage Racks

All organizations need it to store occasional stock and materials. Sometimes they have the space, which is insufficient as their developing business needs more space to accomodate the repid expansion. To meet the developing business needs, we offer you a facilitating

arrangement at a moderately low cost instead of purchasing another area. We have heavy-duty industrial storage racks available where you can store your materials properly in a systematic manner. Here you also get the option of rack sharing to pay only for the space according to your need.


Long & Short Term Business/Office Storage

In a business, one always has the requirement for long-term or some short-term storage. For which you either have to pay extra rental or buy more space. That is a very costly affair in the present scenario with regard to time and other demands. One does not even get the space as per choice each time.

Doing all these activities requires money, time, and energy. To help you save on these , we have solved all these issues and we offer our different storage options available.You may choose them according to your convenience.

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What Makes us Different From Others

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Advanced Storage Facilities

Every storage facility of ours is filled with first-class security parameters and other modern amenities.

Unique ID for all your items

Each assigned storage gets a Unique ID, ensuring convenient, secure storage and hassle-free retrieval of your belongings.

Dedicated Account Manager

An exclusive account manager will assist you with enquiries, payments, packaging, and smooth transportation right up to delivery.

Safe and Secure Packaging

We will pack all your belongings with high-quality material as per requirement to keep them well protected and safe.

Fire-Fighting Equipment

Latest fire prevention systems are installed to ensure that goods remains protected from fire.

Pest Control

Pest control is done every 30 days to ensure that the storage area remains free from pests and rodents.

24 x 7 Security

We give you the best security administrations. 24x7 dedicated security guards. CCTV cameras on entry/exit points. Selected and controlled access to the storage area.


Your goods are fully insured by India’s leading insurance agency as per the government laws.

Urgent Deliveries

We have special feature for Urgent delivery to support your unplanned needs, you can get your belongings back just in 4 hours


Why do you need Additional Storage?

  • Keep Your Business Space, Offices, Shops, Factory, etc., Neat and Clean.
  • Protect the additional Spare Parts, Equipment’s & Machinery, From Environmental Hazards and Physical Damage.
  • Storage for additional Stock as per requirement (Occasional)
  • Get More Safe and Secure space on a tight spending plan
  • Business facilitating on request
  • Security, day-in and day-out assurance

We can inspire and Offer Different Services

Warehouse Storage

Now, you do not need to buy or rent a separate warehouse for your business. Storeforme provides a storage solution per your requirements at very affordable prices.

Business Inventory

With Storeforme, you can utilize your office space efficiently by removing additional business inventory such as old laptops and computers, office furniture, old accounts books, extra machinery, etc.

E-commerce Storage

Storeforme gives you a simple and easy solution to maintain extra stock in your ecommerce business to meet the bulk requirement of clients without spending much money.

Documents & Archives

Many documents are required to run a business smoothly, especially when we run a CA firm or an accounting company; Storforme safely stores all your documents, which may be used oftently.

Expanding your Business

Instead of buying or renting a new office to expand your business, remove the extra stuff from your office and store it at Storeforme's stores with complete security and care.

Multi-site Storage

If you require multi-site storage for your business materials or multi-site deliveries, then storeforme provides you with a better and more secure storage and distribution system.

Industrial Goods

Factories and industries often require additional material and machinery, which is only sometimes helpful, but storing it correctly and safely in apt storage conditions is very important.

Office Storage

Instead of buying or renting a new office to handle your extra stuff, it is better to remove it from your office and store it with complete safety and care at Storeforme stores.

Seasonal Storage

There is a particular demand for some items during the festival season, after which the entire article has to be stored for the whole year. Storforme gives you a better option to keep it.

Tool & Machinery Parts

Factories often require additional tools and machinery parts to run correctly, which are only sometimes helpful, but storing them properly and safely is very important.

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